Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's Official!

Today, included in a note to consignors...the announcement that Richard and I are the new owners of a Russellville Children's Consignment sale. For over 10 years my very savvy sister-in-law has grown a small home business of consigning children's clothes to a huge business in 3 locations!

I live close enough that I get to go and help several days of each sale. It's a great fit for me, not just because I have 4 kids that I want to dress cute and for a reasonable amount of $, but my retail background has come in very handy! AND every SAHM wants to get out and talk to adults! THIS is where they all meet!

RheaLana has been great to train me in many aspects of her great business...even giving me one of the "tough customers" occasionally. It's a great break in my year to get to go to Little Rock or Conway and help out. Last year Ashley (my other sister-in-law) began a sale in NWA and Richard and I got the "itch" to see if we could tackle it too!

We won't start until next fall. We'll take a REALLY close look at the ins and outs this spring/summer sale....which is coming soon. For the last two years I have consigned for about 8-10 moms in Clarksville and I prepare their clothes and take them to the sale. This is a service for them and a great outlet for me. It's busy for me hanging, sorting, tagging and pricing about 600 items, but worth it!

It's strange to consider that Sheridan can go to Kindergarten next year. That means I'll be at home ALONE for the first time in 14 years! It doesn't seem like I've been parenting that long, but some days of course it seems MUCH LONGER! I'm not sure I'll be "ready" to let her go but as with the others...the time will fly!

Gather up your best children's clothes and let's make some money in a fun way! For more info check out .


Maranda said...

This is so exciting for you guys! You'll have to explain to me exactly what all of it means...and I hope that eventually I can help you!

Rhea Lana Riner said...

I'm really enjoying your blog, Jennifer. Besides being a great wife, mom and sister, you're an awesome writer. I can't wait to keep making memories together at our sales. :)