Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The number 1 question about the cruise...

"How was the food?"
I've always heard how wonderful the food is on a cruise...so of course I was pretty excited about tasting everything I wouldn't normally and eating a good portion of what I already loved.

It was a disappointment to both Richard and I that the food on our cruise was very average. Really, Richard and I really enjoy eating...we consider it one of our hobbies. Food wasn't the high point of our cruise...HOWEVER, in the defense of all cruise lines everywhere...having food available 24/7 might have been on the top ten list. AND for me, not planning a menu, shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning anything up was PRETTY BIG!

I can't go without saying something about our dining host Joseph (he pronounced it Sho'seph). He and his staff not only served us but entertained us every evening with something he called SHhhhOWTIME! (picture a grown man with a high pitched voice whispering and shaking"jazz hands!") He says..."Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the SUPER-CHARGED VISTA DINING EXPERIENCE!" You might have had to be there to get that...but Richard can do it now and make me laugh out loud!

OK, Richard wants to add a comment about the excellent service we received in the dining room (we had our evening meals there). "You gotta love it when your waiter offers you an "extra appetizer. Especially when you've already had 2!"

I noticed at the same meal how Rich seemed to be "slowing down" at dessert. He reminded me he had 3 appetizers, 2 entres and one dessert would just have to do!


Tonight we stood in line at 11:45PM to see sliced fruit and vegetables! That's right, the FOOD GALA BUFFET!
We were taking the stairs down from listening to music in the lounge and all these people were standing in the hallway and foyer of the dining hall. They had their cameras out...it's 11:45PM! Oh yeah! The FOOD GALA BUFFET!

So of course we get in line, how fortunate that we were carrying our cameras!
We walk through the main dining room and take pictures of all the delicacies they have prepared. Then, we go up stairs, down stairs and to the other dining area where the food is passenger-ready to try!

No kidding, Richard and I chose fresh fruit
chunks (which we have at every meal, and were not even really in the display) and a slice of very chocolate layered cake.
We then left the delirious food GALA patrons and zigzagged through lobbies and hallways and stairways to get to the low fat yogurt machine to get a cone before bed.

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