Monday, November 10, 2008

I love fall

This is a pic from my front yard, looking down the Lane where I enter our neighborhood.

Each time I drive down the Lane to my house in the fall I think I must live on one of the prettiest streets in the US. Not the fanciest, or the largest, or the most expensive, just one of the prettiest.

I love these trees and my neighbor "caught" me taking a picture of them! She then told me she and her husband planted the trees along the street when they moved here 22 years ago. The trees were about 10 inches tall! I thanked her for thinking ahead and told her how much I loved them.


Laura said...

Gorgeous! I love the richness of fall colors!

sarahdave said...

I love fall, too. Fall is quickly slipping away up here though. Chicago spring and fall are awesome, but as we start to get closer to winter, I am wishing we could live by you...right next door would be a blast. I really enjoy your blogs!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

What a pretty view! We are definitely past our peak up here...we've had snow showers and flurries since yesterday morning. They finally stopped late today.

Richard Rogers said...

I love thinking about our home and sharing my life with you! Thank you for the picture.