Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All is well...

...that ends well. I'm so thankful that my sale is over! And it was great! Lots of moms shopped and shopped and shopped. This made the consignors happy with their checks and the buyers happy with their great values and fun purchases.

Crowds of people...even with all the extra room!

Our vendors were great!

Of course, I made lots of new friends, that's one of my favorite things.

I also got to donate many of our unsold items (on behalf of our consignors) to three local charities. When people from these ministries come to get their things it is so confirming because they start talking about how they can use what we are giving them right away with their clients.It's humbling and it makes me not so tired even though it's the last day.

I also learned many things to make my events better later: I have notes all over my desk, in both my pink file boxes and written on a copy of my volunteer schedule. When I'll get to them, I don't know. The laundry, the dust and the recent lack of family meals is where I need to focus.

My leaders were awesome. I learned not to stand by skinny people in group pictures here:

OK, that's a personal problem, so let's move on.

My back is still having spasms from lifting and moving the equipment from the store. My arm is scraped up from the disassembling the racks. Richard delivered all the equipment we borrowed back to LR...thank you honey for making the trip on your own. Move out day isn't quite as much fun as move in day.

I came home. By myself. It was most definitely the hottest bubble bath I've taken this year and I needed the nap too. I hadn't been by myself for 14 days...and well, it was a good day to come home early. I even picked up the kids from school. Thank you.

All is well.

Be still and know that I am God.

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