Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valetine's from Scratch

There are only a few things I make from scratch in the kitchen. BUT I've always helped my kids come up with something other than the mass-produced boxed Valentines. Nothing wrong with Hannah Montana and HSM valentines...I just like to be creative!

This year I was a short on time...I bought 2009 calendars on sale for $1, a pack of scrapbook paper for $2.87, and 2 bags of Tootsie Pops to make valentines for S & E's classes.

There's not a lot to this! The calendar was called "Buddies" and what's cuter than a fluffy dog next to a subdued cat? I'm not much into Kindergartners or 6th graders saying much more than this in a Valentine!

Ta Da!

This was really easy for the girls to do themselves. It made me feel better since I sent packaged candy to the school, instead of homemade cookies to S's party. Sheridan loved the pictures, and Erin is always into crafts. It was a good afternoon...and they each got a sucker when they were finished!


Lauren said...

VERY CREATIVE... even though i don't do Valentines anymore :( ... i always had the best ones!!

luv ya!

Maranda said...

I made Paige's this year too! I cut out a flower from card stock and used a DumDum sucker as the center of the flower. Colored the stem green and wrote "Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Paige" around the sucker. The 2 year olds loved them! And I didn't buy a thing...I had it all on hand1