Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A to Z Adventure Program

I've been to a lot of canned school music programs over the years. This was BY FAR the most creative and cute thing I've ever seen. It was a camping theme with songs for different letters in the alphabet.
This was so clever! Each child brought their own flashlight...the lights were dimmed and they did a little flashlight dance to something like "Flight of the Bumblebee." That wasn't the song...but it was like that. Sometimes they waved the lights over their head, sometimes they went all over the place, sometimes they were moving slow, sometimes fast...and they all stopped at the end with it under their chin. Maybe you had to be there...but it was clever and brave for the teacher!

Sheridan had a little part to say. She is quieter at school than she is at home and wasn't originally assigned a speaking part. One of her classmates was sick that day and she got to say a two sentence part. Our Fine Arts Building can seat 1500 people. It was standing room only by 7PM.

A little finger snapping here!

This is the principal after the show. There are 13 Kindergarten classrooms with about 20 kids each represented here! We were almost late to the program because of ball, but as it is with any large gathering, there are ALWAYS seats in the front. I just walked up to the 3rd row and there were 5 seats for us. I don't know if everyone thought they were saved or what...but we were happy!

After the show with classmates.

I'm so thankful for our small town and our teachers. We have especially been blessed with Sheridan's teacher this year. She is happy and growing and learning so much!

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Ashley said...

I LOVE that flashlight idea!!! I might have to pass that along to our musical theater director at Titus' school. He can take it as an elective starting in 1st grade!