Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's that time of year again!

(Richard and I with other Rhea Lana franchise owners and Rhea Lana, Inc ladies)

It's sale time! I've got about 200 items in my living room, and about 300 in the master bedroom. I'm hanging and sorting and pricing for our third Rhea Lana's event! I love this sale! I love the idea of making money on the things that my kids have outgrown and getting to shop for ao many cute things at the store!

This year we had a lot of trouble finding a location that was big enough...8,000-10,000sq feet...and that was willing to give us a temporary lease. It can only be a God thing that one of our leaders spotted a new building close to their house...a Fireworks Warehouse. This building is 3 years old, has great A/C and isn't used anytime but around July 4th and January 1st! We are soooo thankful!

Richard and I are hoping that we have huge growth this sale as we are both working hard on the marketing. We got to go to the first ever Rhea Lana's Owners Conference and he realized he could motivate me to do a few things more than what we usually do. He's taken us to Rsvl twice to hand out flyers in family saturated neighborhoods.

(Ashley, Rhea Lana, Richard and me at the Owners Conference)

This may be boring you to tears...but I'm a wife who needs the motivation and loves to share these kind of things with my husband. It's worth recording that I love this man more every year. We're not the same people who married almost 16 years ago. Sometimes I have remorse over that. But most of the time Richard reminds me that we wouldn't survive if we hadn't matured, and weathered some of the things we've gone through.

Counting my day at a time.

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