Friday, July 17, 2009

A sad, sad day

I'm saddened by the fact that Sheridan announced today that Donut Man videos are "baby movies." She hasn't watched one in two years, and today we needed to kill about 30 minutes and I suggested one (as much for me as her, it seems). Anyway, the Donut Man has been part of our lives for 10 years, and his songs have helped us put God's Word in our hearts many times over.

I'm OK. But my little girl is growing up.


KathyH said...

Wanna sell them? I bet Lainey and Anna Kate would like them.

Laura said...

Aw! I know this isn't the same thing because I am not "the mother" ... but my students will say that about things they LOVED at the beginning of the year! It makes me sad! It doesn't take long for them to not be "babies" anymore!

MomsTheWord said...

I could NEVER sell the Donut Man! He is like family!! :D