Saturday, August 22, 2009

One of the best days ever...

Yesterday was great!

1) I woke up rested! Richard is off on Fridays and we got up together and got the kids off to school together!

2) Richard and I went and loaded up the final 10 racks in Russellville we had borrowed from RL and I did a final sweep of the building we rented. We left them the freeing!

3) Richard and I went to the in-process sale in Conway. We unloaded the racks, put them in the busy busy store, I put size signs on them for the girls and then....we walked out! I wanted to stay...but didn't have to! I love our business, I love that it works like a well-oiled machine...and I love that they had everything working like clockwork.

4) our reward for a sale well done...we went and bought a King Size Bed. Richard has been wanting one for several years. I have protested strongly. Two years ago we even took a poll in our Sunday School class to see who had kings, queens or full beds. Really, I was against it. But yesterday we purchased a beautiful bed...delivered in 2 weeks.

5) I'm smiling so big as we come out of the store. I don't shop unless I have money, and I don't labor over decisions, my husband is in love with me.

6) Richard took me to Target. Then he bought me a mango slush. I mean, this is like a huge daytime date!! He let me look at bedding. Need I say more?

7) He then drove me to Staples so I could find the elusive graph paper that Ryan needs for school. Bingo!

8) If that wasn't enough, the man of my dreams takes me to Chilis for one of my favorite meals: chips and salsa, and the quesadilla explosion salad. Sure, I was not quite done munching on chips when he decided he had to get back to town...but I was still smiling.

9) After I picked up the kids from school...I took a little nap (still as enjoyable as ever) and then fixed a quick quesadilla meal for them! Lauren was working the band concession stand at the red/white game, Erin is a manager for the 7th grade team, Richard went to the parent meeting, Ryan played his first high school game...the weather was about 75 and perfect! No one got hurt and Lauren even got to spend the night with friends...Ahhh.

10) And to top off the day...Sheridan gave me this note:(click on the picture to make it larger)

It says:

I love you. you are the best mom in the world. you are funny, Jesus love you mom, I like you, I know you like me "right" thank you for makeing dinner and lunch, I hopet you liket the prodject that i made you last night, I love that i didn't wack up winny this mornig.
love Sheridan

Then she drew us at the bottom saying "I love you", "I love you too."

(sniff) "wack up winny" is something we're working on...not waking up whiny.

Counting my many blessings, one by one.


mwatkins said...

Awwwww!!!! What an awesome day!!!!!!

Laura said...

I love errand dates!!!!!!!! The note from Sheridan is definitely a keeper! She has FANTASTIC writing skills by the way!!!!!!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

We got our first king size bed ever when we moved into this house. I must say that I am in love with it. We had the same queen for 23 years.

We were just joking earlier today about sleeping in opposite states...and not when he is out of town.

Lauren said...

I'm soooooo glad u had a good day with dad!

I'm kinda jealous that u got to go to Chili's.... But you TOTALLY deserved it with all ur hardwork at the sale!

by the way, loovvvee the bed! Can't wait to have it in our house!

KathyH said...

The bed is gorgeous and the note from Sheridan is adorable.