Thursday, August 27, 2009

We laughed out loud

Erin and I shared a hilarious moment together yesterday in the doctor's office. We waited a little under an hour for us to determine she didn't have strep throat or anything else but a sore throat.

Erin had forgotten to bring in something to do (we always carry books and such to waiting places like the doctor's office) and just like a TODDLER she started touching everything. The paper on the table, the drawers, the magazines and the lamp. As she began turning the lamp on and off she got my attention (I had brought a book).

"Erin, please don't touch that, you know better!"
"Mom, I'm so bored."
"Erin, do you know what a doctor might use that lamp for?"

I then proceeded to tell her about examinations when a doctor might need to see well. Erin scooted so far away from that lamp, we both started laughing.

Her expression was so funny, I dug around in my purse for my camera...that was funnier still. We had to shut the door (we had opened it earlier while getting claustrophobic).

Because we were thinking about blogging in the doctor's office we could hardly get a hold of ourselves for me to take the picture and for Erin to reenact her face...

Later (still waiting) her hands moved on their own toward that lamp. "I'm just kidding Mom, I'm not touching that, I don't know where it's been!"

Still giggling...I love to laugh with my kids.

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Rai and Shannon said...

WAY too funny!! So great to see Erin on here, and to know that you all survived the sale! BTW, I got to visit the sale of all sales here in OKC the other jaw literally dropped when I walked in the was AMAZING!!! My little bargain-loving heart almost didn't make it through! :)