Monday, September 28, 2009

Going to the zoo

Each year our AWANA club takes a break from the building and goes to the zoo! It's a fun trip for families and of course, the kids. This year was especially eventful as I drove my car (avoiding any chance of car-sickness from the church bus) and invited a friend to ride with me. Gotta love it when your A/C doesn't work for the entire 1 and 1/2 hour trip in unseasonably warm 80 degree weather! Yeah, even the zoo temps and smells were better than sweating in my vehicle!

Fortunately my friend was a good sport...also leary of car-sickness so we lauged a lot about sticking to the car seats!!

Never before have I seen a giraffe's tongue, but it's something to behold. The giraffe was in it's "house" but it was interested in the kids looking through the window and tried to lick them! It cracked me up!

It was a rare treat when the grizzly bear was sitting at the window seal. I mean there was only plate glass between a HUGE bear with huge claws and my little girl. The kids stared at that bear for as long as it stayed put. This cute little boy with us insisted the bear blinked at him! When the bear got up it gave us an up close look at his hiney. In hindsight we should've moved the kids on at that point, but little did we know that they were about to get a more than graphic spray of urine right in front of their little faces! I'm sure the kids riding the zoo train heard our 3 little ones scream! Fortunately, they stopped talking about it after we bought them an Icee!

Flamingos, cranes, turtles and large fish. Chimpanzees, alligators, and rhinos. It was my first time in the reptile house...I only agreed because I thought it might be air conditioned, I was wrong. It felt like my car!

A good time was had by all.

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