Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday Thanksgiving

Mimi and Gramps and their 11 grandkids!!

Gotta love my extended family. Not only do they host our whole family, but they also have the only house with a ZIP LINE, a fire pit (and marshmallows), and a swing that shoots out 20 feet over the incline of the hill they live on!

4 grandparents, 6 parents, and 11 grandchildren = FUN!!!!

My family had the most WONDERFUL day with their cousins... and we'll get together on Thursday too.

I didn't even walk all the way down the hill to the swing, here is Erin on her way "out!" The ladder is leaned against one of the trees where the cable is tied.

This is one of my favorite pictures. The girls and boys mainly just tortured their marshmallows in the fire and let them fall off the sticks. Sheridan got one pretty perfect here and I think this is the only one Audra didn't toast at all. Their expressions say it all, "Thanks Uncle Dave."

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Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

That does look like a blast!

I'm checking out your book reads.