Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve's Eve

After our exciting morning the rest of the family was glad to share in some festitivities. We elected Richard "Cheermeister" and he took the lead for the afternoon. First, we opened our stockings. This is one of my favorite times of the whole year as each member, in turn, reads aloud love notes from every member of the family.

The notes have evolved in meaning and vocabulary over the years. Sheridan was so into writing her own this year that several of us had more than one from her! And it doesn't ever get old being told you're an awesome mom!

I loved our polka-dot paper this year! For a fun twist each child picked their favorite candy and their gifts were labeled with it!

The Cheermeister makes everything fun! Lauren got some new music, Ryan loved his 2009 football scrapbook I made him, and Erin loved her new Panthers sweatshirt. Sheridan jumped up and down for the Arthur coloring book and new crayons and new skates, and the pink computer filled with games for a 6-year-old.

Richard procurred the funniest gift as he tracked down a sweatshirt from Sonic that I wanted from 3 years ago. This cute design had to be hard to find, even with our Sonic connections! It has a snowman drinking a cherry-limeade and its snow body is being filled up. It is so cute! He also gave me a new camera.

Richard loved the coupon book I gave him for date nights, movie selections, and some gift cards for one of his favorite restaurants. His love language is quality time so although shopping for him is difficult loving him is not!

I love our family!

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