Monday, December 21, 2009

On the first day of Christmas break...

The girls are long overdue for a room makeover. It's time to put away our elementary posters and pictures and update! I had purchased the bedding a couple of months ago...but we hadn't decided to take on the entire project until after they got out of school. Emptying their room took over two hours and a couple of large trash bags. Hooray! All the items in their room were lining both hallways and part of the living room in laundry baskets.

What started out as a one room project spread! Their bunkbeds were assigned a new home in Sheridan's room, so that took a little adjusting and a lot of help from the boys. Everyone worked hard and by Saturday at noon we had the bunk system in S's room and primer on the girls' room.

By Sunday, I knew I was hosting Christmas Eve with Richard's we started moving a little faster with the painting and re-organizing. Our goal was to get all the baskets out of the hall and the new furniture put together. We purchased two 8 box cubicals and two armoires. Lauren and I tackled these projects with the power tools and with a little help got them up and filled.

We all love the bedding and colors! We will have to wait on new white beds for awhile and are trying to decide if we want captain's style with shelves at the head or drawers underneath for storage. I've also painted their desk turquoise blue but it is too cold to finish right now so their computer is on the floor along with the unsorted baskets. We'll tackle it again next week.

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