Saturday, January 30, 2010

Counting my Blessings

This blessing just had to be recorded. Really.

Last Tuesday I had consignment work in the morning and errands. I had to leave town around 12:30 to get to Siloam for Lauren's swim meet.

Erin called around 11:00 and told me her glasses had broken. Well, Erin can't see without them, so I needed to pick her up quick and see if there was anything to be done. The school secretary encouraged us by telling us it took a week and a half for her new glasses to come in. Oh well.

When we got to the Vision Center there was only one employee and she was busy trying on glasses with a customer. Richard had come with us to grab a sandwich and so went directly with our orders to Subway. Over the course of 10 minutes there were 4 customers waiting and it looked like we were going to miss the school lunch hour as well. It was then when the vision specialist called for some backup.

The lady was really wonderful when she got to us. We just asked for whatever she thought she could do in a hurry. She showed us two frames (in the entire store) that would match the shape of E's current lenses and they were PERFECT for E's face! She went to the back, made the adjustments, fixed them perfectly on E's face, even cleaned them for us and then...proceeded to tell us that because her old frames were less than a year old we only needed to pay the difference...$2.14.

Erin, who could now see me...looked as shocked as I was. We happily paid, grabbed our sandwich bags from Richard and were on the way out of the store and headed back to school in time for 5th hour and my trip out of town.

Counting our blessings...5 minutes to the store, 25 minutes for PERFECT NEW glasses, 5 minutes back to school.

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