Friday, January 8, 2010

National Bubble Bath Day

January 8, 2010 is

Bubble Bath Day

Seriously folks, I'm headed out the door for a ball game and I've just found out it's a holiday...not any holiday, but Bubble Bath Day! I HAVEN'T EVER HEARD OF THIS...apparently there are e-cards for this day. Did you know that if I had more time everyone I know would get one? I suppose I shouldn't say that, since I haven't done more research...I wonder who made up this holiday, hopefully not the adult industry, if you know what I mean. I could hardly let this moment pass before I posted...but I will research...and I will write more. For now, HAPPY BUBBLE BATH DAY!
FROM: My Punch Bowl website:

Who says bubble baths have to be just for kids? They are the perfect way to put an end to a stressful week and unwind.

There are many benefits associated with bubble baths. The warm water and steam will open up your pores, cleanse your skin, and loosen up tight muscles so that you can fully relax.

Celebrate Bubble Bath Day with a super relaxing bubble bath. To create a calming, relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel like you're at the spa, add a little background music, light some scented candles, and roll up a towel to put under your neck. Enjoy it -- you deserve it!

  • Today is also National English Toffee Day
  • January is National Oatmeal Month & Get Organized Month

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Daniel Vidal said...

I'm happy that you discover this 'holiday' through my comment...
My blog (which is in Spanish but can be translated easily into English) does some research about special days worldwide... that's how I find yours.

Enjoy as much as possible YOUR holiday :)