Tuesday, January 12, 2010



o Wake up to NFL ringtone on new phone placed under his pillow during the early AM hours.
o Start day with Monkey Bread for breakfast. Typically we only have this on Christmas morning but butter, sugar, cinnamon and pecans were the first birthday request!
o Family members and friends starts texting and calling on new phone beginning at 7:30.
o Open presents: weights from Grandparents, and Hawgs Illustrated from Mom and Dad before school.
o Hugs Sheridan in thanks for custom colored artwork.
o Takes 150 pieces of mini chocolate and candy to school in gift bag to hand out to friends.
o First spring baseball practice after school.
o Shrimp pasta and salad for dinner.
o Texts Trey to come over for dessert.
o Trey arrives from next door in 2 seconds flat.
o Ice cream sundaes in waffle bowls with hot fudge and caramel, M&Ms and Butterfinger toppings.

o Ahhhh. The boy is 16.


Maranda said...

Can we get a re-count on him really being 16? Either Ryan or I am getting older and I'm banking on him...he should still be the toddler I baby-sat!

MomsTheWord said...

I feel your pain. And it is ours.

Laura said...

I'm in shock that he's 16, too! Whew!

What a GREAT DAY!!!!