Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Teenager in the House

Happy Birthday Erin!

It's always going to be Spring Break...maybe raining, maybe snowing, maybe sunny on Erin's birthday. As a teen, she'll be choosing to stay home or go on Spring Break trips. Last year we threw a huge birthday bash and left the next morning for Mission Arlington. This year we celebrated with a shopping trip with me (!) and a steak dinner with the family. And this the flurry of Sunday morning...she left with her friends for Mission Arlington again.

I'm so thankful for this smiling, maturing, funny girl God has given us. She is making bigger decisions about friends, family and God...and making them with the same confidence as she used to make with her art projects at home! I'm so thankful she wants to be a godly girl and she recognizes the everyday traps of the world. She recognizes she's not perfect but also recognizes the Perfect One and asks Him often for help.

Welcome to the teen years, Erin!

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Rai and Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Erin!! We miss you girl, more than you know! It is such a blessing when your kids have friends that are good kids...I think I may have taken that for granted when we were in Clarksville!