Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring in my step!

I bought a pedometer. They were $5 at WM. I owned it for 5 days and it didn't make me walk. I just kept moving it around on the kitchen counter out of my way. I've heard all about taking 10,000 steps and changing your life. I have a friend who has dropped 45 pounds walking 3 miles each day since June.

I dream about walking. I think about walking from my house to the church and surprising Richard. I think about making it around my block a couple times a day. I think about walking downtown, and at the nature trail, and going hiking. I think about all this extra weight coming off while I walk. But I don't do it.

FACT 1: I'm going to Hawaii in one month.
FACT 2: I'd rather not be this size when I go.

Yesterday was my first day to walk for real. I took two walks pushing my calves until they were screaming. Knowing the whole time, that I should have been able to go farther. I was happy and felt good when I went to bed.

Last night I had a dream about running. I was literally pulling up the sidewalk trying to make progress. I woke up in a sweat. What is that about?

Next week we are going to Mission Arlington. It would be so much more fun if I were smaller. I would be so much more fun! I hope to keep up my walking, my smaller portions, my right thinking. I need to do better in a lot of areas to make a difference in a month. I don't like to see myself in pictures, I don't even recognize myself...and I WANT to be in my Hawaii pictures.


Laura said...

Keep up that walking, girl! Go when you don't feel like it and it'll soon be a habit!

Sarah and Dave said...

Keep it up! You will feel great!!!

Rai and Shannon said...

Keep it up!! I am also starting a fitness 8 week program to train for a I will keep you in my prayers, if you will do the same for me!