Monday, April 5, 2010

Fourth Child

Last year I realized that Sheridan hadn't ever colored Easter eggs! She's 6! I can only blame this on her being the fourth child. When I had 3 little ones at home, we dyed eggs every Easter. This year, while looking for Easter M & Ms (my weakness) at WalMart I saw the egg dye packages and knew what we needed to do.

I have memories from my childhood: smelling the vinegar, watching that little capsule dissolve in coffee cups my parents only used once a year, writing on eggs with a white crayon, and using the little wire dipper. My big kids all have those memories too.

What does dying eggs have to do with our celebration of Easter? Nothing really. I've heard all the ways an egg can be compared to the trinity..but that's a stretch from our tye dye egg coloring kit.

We decorated our table with our eggs and for us, it added to the celebration of Jesus' resurrection.

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