Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where is home?

OK, so yesterday I was chatting with Chuck Barrett, voice of the Razorbacks, at a reception. I'm not a star struck kind of gal, but it was interesting actually seeing his face while speaking. He went to school here and was speaking at an Educational Foundation Reception. ANYWAY, I was telling him we were transplants here, but that when we moved here and people found out we were Razorback fans, they told us he was from here. They were proud that he calls Clarksville his hometown.

Then he asked me how long I had lived here...and I had to think. (I moved here when I was pregnant with Lauren, so that makes it 15 years. Hmmmm.)
"15 years."
He responded..."So you know your way around." Yeah, I guess so.

It got me to thinking...

So, I'm from Mountain Home. My parents still live there. We spend every Christmas there. But I haven't lived there in over 20 years. And I've lived here almost 15.

Are you from where you graduated high school? And how long until I say I'm from here? If I moved to another town now, wouldn't I say I was from Clarksville?

And in case you're going to remind me that I'm an alien in this world, I thought of that this morning during Bible Study. (I Peter 2:11)

I suppose literally speaking, I'm from Mountain Home, I live in Clarksville, but my home is in HEAVEN.


Candy Dunaway said...

Thanks for coming to the luncheon! I enjoyed getting a chance to talk to you and let you know that I am one of your blog-stalkers!! Thanks for the tip about making the book from my blog...I'll let you know how it turns out.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Obviously some of the places we've lived the accent is a dead giveaway that we're not from around, or even close to around, that place. We always say we're originally from Mountain Home, or just Arkansas.

My kids, where are they from? It's more like where they were born. And all of them in different states, with the exception of the girls. I think with the roots we've already made here, they would say they are from Michigan, especially knowing that there are no plans to move again.

KathyH said...

Me, too! Mtn. Home, Clarksville, and Heaven, except about 40 years ahead of you!