Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Week

It's summer. Time for staying up late, sleeping in and going slowly...not.

Last week started with a VBS meeting Monday in the morning and then the final softball game of the season.

Tuesday I worked one half day for the church secretary, after we dropped off the girls at the first of three swim team practices for the week...and started a new summer teen Bible study here at our house that evening.

On Wednesday we celebrated Lauren's birthday...which included half work day for her, lunch out, gifts, a pedicure and one huge birthday cookie.

 cut out of town, checked out a building for our fall sale, painted VBS props with Erin.

Swim Party for Sheridan on Thursday night, Ryan had ball practice and the girls went to a movie-birthday party with a friend.
That night Richard and I decided to go to bed early and after I layed down, I decided to check on the time our Rhea Lana Conference started the next day. I was using my iphone to text and after three friends didn't text back I started to get worried. I checked facebook and then saw that a friend was on chat. Woo Hoo! Until she chatted back that the conference started at 9AM. Richard and I got up, finished our laundry, got a suitcase from the closet in Sheridan's room (where she was asleep), packed enough for three days, got our computer bag and files together and then I put finishing touches on two talks I was to give at the conference. Around 1:30 I got in bed. So much for going to bed early.

Friday, up at 7:00AM and driving an hour away! WONDERFUL conference from Friday 9AM, until I arrived home today, Sunday, at 4PM. I just took a HUGE nap on the couch. The big kids are gone with Rich to a teen party and I'm eating cereal, blogging to process...loving summer.

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