Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vacation Bible School

I'm not ashamed to say that I love Vacation Bible School. It's the most fun week in the life of our church and it was when I was a little girl too.

As an adult it's a week when I see more people being the church than ever before. We put away our own self interest and stretch ourselves while loving on children. I think God invented VBS and I'm SO thankful to belong to a church who takes it very seriously. Over 40 kids made some kind of decision during the week. Maybe they just wanted to pray, or ask questions, but most importantly they were listening like children to the Lord. I LOVE IT!

Sheridan eating snacks with her friend Alena.

My kids caught the VBS bug as a kid. Now all three of my teens have very specific ways they are great with kids. I'm so thankful to team with them during the week.

I worked two jobs this year and one of them was assisting my friend Terri in Bible Story time. Mostly I ran sound effects & lighting, but on Monday I was Rhoda (Acts 27) and we re-set the room every day for a new story.

I love this pic of Sheridan. Our stage was very creative and I couldn't resist having her look through my paper towel telescope while standing at the helm.

Parent's Night: Full House.

Here's one of the dearest people I know and definitely one of my most special friends. Becky starts working on VBS in January and she never stops working on all of her other children's ministry work. She loves kids. She loves the Lord. She wants kids to know that Jesus loves them and has the very BEST for their lives. She shows it in her actions, her words and her ways. I am blessed to be her friend, to sometimes hear her struggles, to be able to work alongside her whenever I can. I'm hoping she sleeps well this weekend.

God's word is true!
God's word is comforting!
God's word is surprising!
God's word is for everyone!
God's word is life-changing!

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