Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding Plans

I'll probably hear about this post when Richard reads it but it's true that my girls and I discuss weddings a lot. It's not intentional but we find ourselves watching TLC in the evenings and "Say Yes to the Dress" is one of our regular shows. Some episodes and shoppers are a little too dramatic even for us, but when we're all in our right minds we throw out our opinions on the dresses and most definitely the cost! Oh what frugal girls these will grow up to be! Hopefully not cheap, but definitely resourceful.

With our tv experience in mind, we ALL agreed that the wedding we attended on Saturday was one of our favorites. It helps that we've known the bride's family since we moved here 15 years ago and at one time were very close. The bride and her twin played with my "little" kids when the adults got together to play cards and such. Their family kept my kids when Richard and I went out of town. This is a big deal since we had three kids 7, 5 and 3 when they offered! The girls were in our youth group and took our kids riding horses at their house. This is the girl who married on Saturday.

The wedding was outside. And although it was hot, the trees provided a shaded canopy and the reception was cool enough to enjoy as well. The bride's dress was so perfect for her and at least one of my girls has her eye set on a similar style.

I pray for a wonderful marriage for these two. Families are under attack today more than ever before and I pray they will keep their covenant with God and one another and will experience all the best He has for those who do.

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