Monday, July 26, 2010

Week at a Glance

Have I ever mentioned that it urks me when kids are asked what they've done during the summer and they say, "nothing?" We've kept a journal for the last three years of day by day friends that visit, movies watched, church activities, day trips, etc. My goal is to promote thankfulness but we'll see if it works.

This week looks to be crazy...not even sure why, but here is a rundown...

Monday: Lexi spent night, picked up Layton and took three girls to the first day of high school summer band (9am-3pm), I'm headed to Conway to pick up sale supplies and then to Russellville to pick up clothes from a consignor and then to get my hair prettied up,. Erin has a lunch date with a friend. Ryan: mowing job in am, 7 on 7 tonight in Dardanelle at the same time Lauren has soccer in Russellville.

Tuesday: Lauren: Band. Ryan: Football. Sheridan: friend over. Erin: swim team practice. Bible Study 7PM, here.

Wednesday: Ryan: early morning eye appointment and football. Erin & Lauren: swim team practice. 3:30 dr appointment in Rsvl for me. Kids at church by 6PM.

Thursday: Erin and Lauren, swim team, pm. Me Russellville from 2-6, and Rhea Lana 101 class from 6-7 in Russellville. Lauren: soccer 6:30 in Russellville.

Friday: Last Swim meet in Alma, PM.

I also need to fill out forms for DHS, prepare for a training trip out of town next week, scout the internet for a Children's Christmas Musical, keep up with clothes for sale that people are bringing me, and cook a few meals.

It's going to be fun!!

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