Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Soccer season

There are many reasons I like soccer but the biggest reason is to be able to sit out in the fall weather and watch my kids play. This Saturday I watched Lauren play in Little Rock at the beautiful Burns Park. That place is amazing and the leaves were just blowing all over as we played in the cool morning and the mild afternoon.

SIDE NOTE: It's so much better than sticking to your lawn chair during softball/baseball season...which we did for years. I'll never forget watching a game from UNDER the bleachers in Orlando one year. It was so hot AND humid that all the parents and families were in the shade of the bleachers watching our kids through the slats. And there was the year that we played in the dust bowl of Oklahoma City where not only was it hot (with not a tree or grass in the park), but the dirt that was blowing around just stuck to your sweat. We cheered, we wore mathing t-shirts, we wouldn't trade the experience, but I won't forget the heat.

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