Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My favorite things

I love to read. I love good books. There are A LOT of books out there that aren't really worth the time, but here are some of my favorites I've finished in the last month.

Can't tell you how much I loved RE-READING an oldie but so-good ROCKY MOUNTAIN series (5) by Kristin Heitzmann. Because they are older, the books are very affordable at christianbook.com but might also be available at church and public libraries, if they have a pretty good religious section. Strong characters, weaving storyline, romance and turmoil make the HONOR SERIES one I would suggest. Don't be put off by the old covers. Abbi's story is way to good for you to pass up. By the way, I've read every book Kristin Heitzmann has published and they are all different and good.

Also, I just finished the second series by new (young) author Erynn Mangum. I was tickled to win a copy of her last book DOUBLE SHOT. I have shared both of her series with Erin (my reader) and she was threating me if I didn't finish the last book before she was ready for it! Twenty-something characters, lots of coffee, and big decisions make these books about MAYA DAVIS a GREAT READ.

If you're just hearing about Erynn, DO NOT MISS the Miss Match series (3). SO good.

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