Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Kick Off Weekend

It's been a bit of a crazy weekend. It began on Thursday night, which was the only night we were all home. We set aside exactly 30 minutes to decorate the Christmas tree together. Serious memory making, I tell you. From there everyone scattered to study for tests, take care of babies, choir rehearsal, etc.

Friday I taught school and Richard ran errands in and out of town all day. Friday night Erin went to a bonfire birthday party and Richard and Ryan went to a football game in Little Rock. Sheridan and I watched Ramona and Beezus (so cute). Lauren and Lexi hung out at home and ate pretzels.

Saturday began with Erin heading to Ft Smith for an all day Quiz Bowl Meet. At 10, everyone else (plus Lexi) put up the Christmas lights on the house and Richard made a trip to WM to replace the strands that refused to light this year.

I fixed a late lunch for us and while we were eating my sweet neighbor brought over a beautiful pie. She knows Richard and I are watching our calories and made us a sugar free pudding pie...with meringue! Soooo blessed we are. TOO nice to not take a picture.

Lexi and Lauren took the day easy, except for their continual practice of their Christmas music. French Horn and Trumpet...sounded pretty good...and loud. I had to step in the room one time as something just wasn't right and they were butchering one of my favorite carols...they had switched horns. Uggg.

RANDOM SIDE NOTE: (Over lunch (while I was taking a picture of the pie) Lexi told me she read my blog and I thanked her. Then she admitted she probably hadn't looked at it in a year. I committed to using her name as many times as I could in a post to see if she read it any time soon. Ha!)

The main event of the day: The Christmas Parade.

Other small town blessings:

1) Crossing the road (through the band, during the parade) without anyone arresting us or even yelling at us. (While taking a picture of the girls we got on the opposite side of the road as our car, and we didn't want to get stuck there)

2) My children's choir singing at the lighting of the town Christmas tree (more on this next post)

3) Watching my husband and my son take candy gathering to a competitive level. They put Sheridan out in front as "candy bait" and as she waved and smiled, they gathered the loot. It was HILARIOUS. Seriously, ALWAYS watch a local parade from the beginning, where all the floats have LOTS of candy and WANT TO THROW it.

I'll quote Ryan, "This is the best night of my life." Not by a long shot, but maybe the best hour of the weekend, and that's even having to miss the middle of the Auburn game. Next year he's planning on bringing a bag like the other children.

It doesn't take much to entertain us (and make us belly laugh), and that's a blessing.

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