Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowfall #1

2011 has brought a lot of snow! There have been 5 major snow falls to hit Arkansas. The largest one stopped about 40 miles north of us and we just got a lot of rain. The second one was south of us and we got about 4 inches in about 5 hours. Kids have missed A LOT of school...and they now figure snow days as school days in June. We kept pretty busy last weekend...the kids got out of school at 11 on Friday and I immediately had them making lists of things they were going to "I'm bored." The big kids had friends over, we watched the Princess Diaries movies, Sheridan and I worked a 400 piece puzzle, make a valentine's day box, baked cupcakes and worked on AWANA verses. TODAY, we are under another huge WINTER STORM WATCH and the snow is coming down hard. There is already about 4 inches on my deck railing (the official measuring spot for me).

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