Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Dresses

I've never been one to go overboard dressing for Easter. I can get distracted by the smallest things, so making a big effort on clothes, shoes and accessories on this day is a "no" for me. My girls shopped a little and borrowed a little and dressed sweet for their Easter celebration. They looked beautiful, and I can't believe how much they are growing up!

Sheridan woke up in the middle of the night and then again in the morning with a high fever and a sore throat. We stayed home during Bible Study, got her fever down, then met everyone for the worship service. After a wonderful lunch with friends, we headed home in tornado-like weather for Sunday afternoon naps. Incidentally, it rained for the next 36 hours.

The most powerful part of my Easter weekend was the time I spent with Him on Friday afternoon, quiet and alone. I'm copying I John right now, and the words were fresh and powerful to me. I also was introduced to a song earlier in the week that was moving. :

(click to see on YouTube)O the Blood

O the blood

Crimson love
Price of life's demand
Shameful sin
Placed on Him
The Hope of every man

O the blood of Jesus washes me
O the blood of Jesus shed for me
What a sacrifice that saved my life
Yes, the blood, it is my victory

Savior Son
Holy One
Slain so I can live
See the Lamb
The great I Am
Who takes away my sin

O the blood of the Lamb
O the blood of the Lamb
O the blood of the Lamb
The precious blood of the Lamb
What a sacrifice
That saved my life
Yes, the blood, it is my victory

O what love
No greater love
Grace, how can it be
That in my sin
Yes, even then
He shed His blood for me

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