Friday, April 22, 2011


1) Sale season is over. And my days are no longer lists of sale things to do.

2) However, it's time to clean house, seriously. (see 3)

3) Decided to list our house and try to sell. (We've lived here 13 years)

4) Richard is transitioning to part time at church (Sun,Mon,Wed, Thurs), part time with Rhea Lana's (Tues in Conway, Fri). Now "home on Friday", means working on Friday, not quality time with me. Not sure about this yet.

5) Started substituting again this week. More like babysitting at the end of the year.

6) AFTER selling house, we will look for a 5 bedroom in which to live and hopefully adopt two little boys.

7) In not so many months, Ryan will be a senior.

8) In not so many months, Lauren will be a junior.

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