Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last weeks of school

Erin and Sydney at the LAST band concert for Erin. She has decided not to be in band anymore. We have talked about it at length and the truth is, she doesn't enjoy it at all. She has so many other things that she likes ("LOOOVVEEESS") and so it's a wise choice for her to pursue the things she excels and enjoys. We have no doubt music will be a huge part of her life, so we're not worried about her giving that up!

Junior High Talent Show: She sang Francesca Battistelli's "This is the Stuff" and did an excellent job! Ryan and Lauren were both able to come over to the fine arts center and I checked Sheridan out of school to watch. (Small town living at it's best) WOW! we were all highly impressed and proud.

LOVE these two college girls, Melody on the ukulele and Naima on the acoustic guitar. These girls accompanied her and it was really good! She didn't "win" but she was great!

Last year we were in Hawaii when Erin was in her first CJH talent show. Our teacher friend kept us up to date. It was a good memory, and yet I was so glad to be there in person to clap this year!

I was the class leader during Sheridan's WATER DAY! It's a really fun day where the kids are encouraged to wear clothes to get wet in, and there are lots of parent volunteers to oversee the 11 stations of games. What makes water day so fun is that it is typically SO HOT during the last days of May. Unfortunately, it was about 48 on our water day and chilly! The kids shivered their way through the games and it was still fun!

Other events the last two weeks of school:
High School Choir Concert - Ryan
Junior High Choir Concert - Erin
State Soccer Tournament - Lauren
Try Outs for American Legion Baseball - Ryan
Softball games - Sheridan
CHS graduation - Ryan & Lauren
Band trip to Magic Springs - Erin
Choir trip to Branson - Ryan
Boy's State - Ryan
AND...a tornado came through our town.

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