Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pine Sol

I am so not enjoying the packing and cleaning part of selling our house. I'm trying to expose baseboards and carpet space and we've manipulated every room for 15 years making the most of those two things with crates, baskets and cute plastic tubs!

The realtors are touring this morning. My prayer evolved this week into "Please let us sell as fast as possible so I won't have to clean like this every time someone comes to look at the house!" Call me selfish, but 6 of us live here, spit toothpaste in the sinks and have dirty clothes. There are always some crumbs under the table and grass is tracked in at the least twice a day when the dogs are fed.

I am venting. So sorry for those of you who actually read this and aren't my mother (who might have stopped after the first whiny paragraph).

I have a home, Pine Sol, Comet for the tubs, a mop and a pretty power-washed deck to enjoy. I need to keep the children who don't have any of that in the front of my mind.

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