Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Last May I was in Hawaii for the very first time. I really thought it would be my first and only trip, and I was surprised when Rhea Lana asked me if I wanted to go again! Our Rhea Lana's of Honolulu franchise sold to a new owner and we decided to send some franchise support: me!

This time Richard couldn't go so I was instructed by him to not have a lot of fun, but just to mostly work. It was so strange to be in a place so far away where I recognized so much! I drove myself across the big island every morning and every night. My motel room was in between Diamond Head volcano and the ocean. I don't want to live there, but it sure is surreal to me!

My pictures this time around are a little funky! I saw funny signs and things you wouldn't see other places and kept snapping pictures. I also worked every day in a beautiful, busy mall. I'll post the pictures of our great Honolulu event and our TV appearance in another post.

My FAVORITE Bath and Body scent is Velvet Tuberose. This lei had tuberoses on it. They grow in a stalk and this lei was so potent, people were sniffing the air around me. Now I have a wonderful association for my favorite scented lotion!

This is a shopper's foot at our event. She has the Hawaiian islands tatooed on her foot. I posted this pic on my Facebook page and a couple people gasped when they thought it was mine! I'm anti-tatoos, so this would've been funny! Anyway, I asked if I could take a pic and she said "yes!" She told me I wasn't the first person to take a picture of her tatoo!

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