Saturday, June 11, 2011

So Worth The Wait

I haven't posted on the ADOPTION in a few weeks. Not much has changed. Our house is still for sale. It's been shown twice, with one offer and one "like." We are scheduled to show again on Monday. Keeping the house perfectly ready to show isn't easy, and we don't really, but we have to be ready for "the call" to show.

I had an unlikely conversation with two new RL franchise owners at our conference last weekend. Both ladies joined a table late at night in the eating area of the hotel where we were staying. The conversation turned to our families and I mentioned the pending adoption. In the next 30 minutes they BOTH shared their own stories of strange happenings and miracles that took place for them to be adoptive parents. I had chills with each telling.

I've come to the conclusion that when God's hand moves it's always a bit strange, because we never see it coming! Again, I commit to wait patiently and not miss the workings of the Lord in our lives.

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