Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rhea Lana's of Honolulu

Good morning from Hawaii! This was my second time to do a live TV interview on the morning show in Hawaii! Pictured is Deanne and her daughter Erin. Also pictured, 4 super kids that belong to a friend and leader, Ceanne. I don't get TV coverage for my own sale, I have to travel 4000 miles! Interesting fact, Deanne and I both have daughters named Lauren and Erin.

I love to go to events in other locations! The Hawaii sale is in a beautiful mall with LOTS AND LOTS of traffic. We could've used about 3000 more square feet, but we fit it in! Moms everywhere love to come and shop a store full of clean, like-new clothing and toys for their kids at reduced prices. The consignors are thrilled to sell their items and pick up a check. I'm truly thankful for my job and for doing something that helps others. Last season I got to go to 4 other sales (plus my two!). I meet the nicest people along the way.

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