Saturday, July 2, 2011

I heart VBS

I feel pretty strongly about Vacation Bible School. I think it's one of the best things that can happen in a summer in a kids' life and it has the potential to affect their entire life. I was blessed to grow up in a church with a vibrant wonderful VBS program, and to be in a church with a great program as an adult. There's this job I can do at VBS that most people could do but don't think they could. The truth is that God always gives me the words I need to lead opening and closing, introduce Bible points, teach songs and put a spark of energy in the week. It's not my everyday role, not even close to where I would normally be comfortable, but God has provided this outlet for the gifts He has given me. I feel the joy of the Spirit when the kids listen to me and I am able to teach a TRUTH.

This year is a little bitter-sweet for me as my dearest friend and our children's minister is leaving in a month. I could not be happier for her as she is marrying a man who loves her and therefore is moving toward her new life. Personally, she's the only person other than Richard who knows a lot about me, listens to my struggles and tears, and loves me unconditionally. She's known me for over 12 years. It's taken at least 5 for me to let her in. I will miss her.


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