Friday, September 2, 2011

PEPPY the Panther's DEBUT

It was at least 100 degrees during the Jr High Pep Rally on Thursday. The sound system wasn't working in the gym so we headed to the track. Erin was not open to skipping her first pep rally as PEPPY. So we pinned the hot suit on and headed out to SWEAT and CHEER. She did so good and LOVED every minute of it! After school during volleyball practice, she got a little dizzy and we were unsure if she should go out to the game in the evening. Again, there was no doubt in her mind she was going to do it. After a cool shower, dinner and a fresh hair do, she was ready. The weather was wonderful as a cloud cover dropped the temps by at least 20 degrees and she was able to cheer for 3 quarters and the half time show! We wiped her down and filled her with Gatorade during the third quarter! I love the picture of the kids surrounding her in the stands. With the exception of those kids who were pulling her tail and grabbing her teeth (which is actually where her eyes are) she hugged and high-fived anytime someone wanted to! It was great and she LOVED IT!

Peppy and the Principal

Peppy and Ty!


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