Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rhea Lana's of Russellville

Just finished our 7th sale in Russellville (although I thought it was our 8th the whole time). We've grown to a point where there's not a large enough building for us in Russellville and we had to CLOSE our data base 5 days before normal. We had over 34,000 items and 409 consignors! My leaders and volunteers are wonderful and all went smoothly. The PreSale event was crowded and there were long lines to check out, this didn't bode well with my coping skills, but we made it through with lots of happy shoppers. The guys in the parking lot (2 fields and a gravel lot) parked about 300 cars for about 4 hours.

I heard some great stories over the week, moms making money for something their family needed, finding a tuxedo for a little one for a wedding for only $22, and a special mom enjoying her time out of the house with 3 special needs kids.One of my favorite things of this sale was offering the foster parents in our area a time to "shop" our donations after the sale. About 6 families were represented and they shopped about 200 items for little ones who come through their home. It was nice to have great-quality clothing that will cover those little ones so in need when they get to their homes.

I'm so tired, and a little over-stimulated from the amount of work it takes to pull it all together. I'm super excited to be back in my Bible Study and have a few months off before we start the sale season here again.

Of course, I'm headed to KC next week to help at a new sale...

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