Tuesday, October 4, 2011

R & R

Today was my day "off:"

7:30 stopped by KMS to arrange S's childcare after school
7:45 clean kitchen, Bible Study
8:45 work on Fun Fest at FBC (inventory, ordering, phone calls, postcards)
10:00 home, turn laundry
10:20 bank, drop off payment, recycle
10:45 Subway - order Ryan lunch
11:15 check Ryan out of school
11:30 drive to Fayetteville for Ryan's dr appt
1:00 wait for one hour in doctor office, watch stimulating healthy channel TV
2:00 head back to Clarksville, swing through Sonic in Greenland
3:40 stop by CHS for football clothes in car, drop off Ryan at football
3:45 pick up S at KMS
4:00 home for snack/S get soccer clothes ready
4:10 to E's volleyball games at the Marvin
5:30 get S home and ready for soccer, pick up Ryan at fieldhouse
5:45 sitting on couch, eating Doritos...

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