Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Celebration

One of our favorite things to do is to set the table for Sunday lunch and have no idea who we're going to have over. On Easter Richard invited three college guys from the Praise Band, and one of the college girls that Erin knows from helping in the youth group. I've got to tell you, God certainly cares about the details as he certainly had these friends picked out for us long before we ever set our table.

Sarah is from Conway and grew up in a small Christian school in a family a lot like ours. Abraham is from Mexico and was hanging out with the two Fernandos playing violin for our praise service. Fernando V is from Panama, and is so funny! He made fun of all of us for having pretty southern accents on our Spanish attempts. Fernando S confided in Richard during the day how much he was missing his family and thanked us all several times for having him over. These guys stayed at the house all afternoon and my family loved it!

 The weather was beautiful and we played kickball and fat bat out in the yard. Richard's sisters and their families as well as his parents all pulled in around 5pm for an evening dinner and playtime for the kids. It was an awesome day full of new friends and family and a celebration of our LIFE IN CHRIST.

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