Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tie Dyed Freshman Girls

Erin is blessed to have a lot of friends. She has friends in every class of school, from church, sports, older and younger friends. She has that "thing" that endears her to everyone and although there's seldom a ONE AND ONLY best friend, she has the influence to impact a lot of people. Last week when Richard and I were out of town I got a text from her asking if some of her friends could come over and tie dye t-shirts for Battle of the Classes day. I answered and reminded her I was out of town and she could have friends over, but I wouldn't be at home until later in the evening or maybe they could all come over next day.

By the time she got my message and answered back she had 8 girls invited over right after school! Deep breath and it was NO problem, I only had ONE rule, "Keep the color outside." When I got home at about 4:30, there were girls everywhere, with these cute shirts all over the front yard! They had pulled up instructions on the internet and someone (I still don't know who) got all the supplies and they were finished and happy!

Good news: the Freshman won Battle of the Classes and the day was a success. It's these things that make memories that she'll remember forever. I could've messed it up when she didn't get my message. I'm so thankful I didn't freak out.

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