Saturday, May 12, 2012


So thankful for this's been a crazy week.

MONDAY & TUESDAY: I went to Mtn Home to hang out with my Mom. I needed some new clothing for upcoming events and she had an unexpected day off that we spent going through some things at her house. We had fun and we might do it again!
WEDNESDAY: I went to Little Rock with my friend Ashlea. It was so fun to have no set agenda and just go shopping! I bought a new bench for my front porch and some graduation gifts. Mostly the girl talk was worth the entire trip.
THURSDAY: Richard, Sheridan and I went to Little Rock and watched Erin and Lauren play a GREAT soccer game against Shiloh. We lost, but played our best game of the season. Lauren scored our only goal and it was a beautiful sunny day for soccer.
FRIDAY: Richard and I went to the boy's soccer games back in Little Rock. Richard has a connection to this group of seniors as most of them were on his 12 year old state soccer championship team. They won and I was glad we were there to support them. Of course, I couldn't help but sleep in the car ALL the way there, because that's just what I do. Sheridan had her first LONG sleepover and birthday party. It was a strange night with Ryan at work, Lauren at friend's and Erin at the neighbor's. We rented a movie and watched it early. Strange.
SATURDAY: We picked up a VERY tired and cranky Sheridan, and headed to Fayetteville to watch the HOGS last home baseball game. It was the longest game ever. (3 and a half hours) However, it was awesome to be with Richard, Ryan and Sheridan for the day. Lauren and Erin went to the semi-finals of the soccer tournament in Little Rock and watched them win a great game!

I've been out of town six days this week, it would be SCARY to figure out how much money we've spent on gasoline this week! Next week is graduation. Not sure even where to start on that one.

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