Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Glad we met

I'm so happy that I work with some great people! These are two of my favorites, Melissa and Kristy. We have sales about the same size and have so much fun visiting and laughing through texts, emails and on the phone most of the year. We love our annual owner's conference because we get to talk face to face! We didn't plan it, but we dressed in the same colors BOTH days of the event!

Shelle and her husband have a great Rhea Lana's I got to visit in Phoenix, Arizona.

I'm especially fond of these folks...the NEW owners of Rhea Lana's of Broken Arrow! JJ, Debbie and daughter, Kristin.

BRAND new owners Tony and Jessica, from Ankeny, Iowa and Heidi, from West Chicagoland.

Funny ladies and sisters Denise and June from Minnetonka, Minnesota.

FUN couple Barrett and Sarah from Leavenworth, Kansas. I got to help them launch their first event a couple months back! They're awesome! Also, Kim Crist, from Greater Memphis.

John and Laura, owners of Benton/Bryant and Hot Springs. This is a fun couple that started in the business about the time we bought Russellville.

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