Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Richard has been out of town since Sunday morning. Ryan left on a road trip on Monday. Lauren has had summer band all day Monday and Tuesday. Erin has had friends over and swim practice at night... Sheridan and I have been together a lot! She's been working with me on sale items in the living room for hours at a time. She wanted a NICE Pottery Barn backpack and decided Rhea Lana's was the way to "earn" it. I'm thankful. We've also swam, watched movies, cleaned out closets, cooked together, grocery shopped and read books together.
I haven't had a lot of adult conversation...and had to vent a little with Richard today on the phone about all the crazy things bubbling around in my head this afternoon.When he arrived home I took a little nap and when I got up Sheridan showed me what she had been doing without me for the hour. I love this girl.

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