Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Learning life skills during the month of July...making snickerdoodles and working on a 1000 piece puzzle. 

There are no pictures of my favorite activity this month. Two days we've gone over to a local apartment complex and played with the children who have moved here from Burma. There are over 20 kids who live in this particular complex and not only are we in the middle of a drought, but it's over 100 degrees everyday and they have few toys and choices for fun. Their families have been brought to our community to work in our local poultry plant. They are precious children, lots of them came to our VBS and just want to have fun. The first day we went as a family we took two kickballs and capri suns. Today we took the kickballs and a crate of books, puzzles and coloring books to leave and share. It was awesome seeing them dig through those books, open them all up to look at the pictures and ask several times if we were actually leaving them. It was so easy, and yet, such a blessing for us. Our house looks huge when we come home and I always feel a little spoiled to come home to all the amenities...furniture and stuff...that our house is filled with. Perspective.

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