Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ER trip

Getting one last trip to the ER before going off to college...

Ryan was biking for a few days with Trey and being all boy decided to take the ramps on the trails around town. He cleared a hard one on Lauren's bike and then tried it on Trey's bike. Trey is a foot taller than Ryan, and the bike is quite a bit heavier...evidentally it didn't go over as well. Richard was in Texas, I was in Russellville when the wreck happened on Monday. Trey wrapped his shirt around Ryan's head to stop the bleeding and then helped him get home (they were pretty far from their car and in the middle of town) and clean it up while I was wrapping up my work and getting home.

They don't know what he hit his ear on, but it cut the ear right in the crease. The biggest blessing of the day was that our doctor and friend was in the hospital at the time. She called us back after I text-ed her to say we were going to be waiting over an hour to get it stiched up. Just a little painful cleaning and then some glue and he was good to go.

Our biggest concern is his baseball tryout, putting a helmet on his tender head. ...Just because we needed more excitement...Ryan had lost his wallet last week. One of the first things he needs to do hen we get to school is get a student ID. With a big scrape on his face. To use for the next 4 years.

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