Friday, September 21, 2012

9th sale...

FIVE years ago we made a decision to try our hand at the little consignment business my sister in law started in Conway. I could never list the many ways this business has blessed me. Some of my favorite things are that I have LOTS of new friends that I would've never known. I also get to give clothes away at the end of the event to A LOT of needy people. Personally, I also get fulfillment from offering this service to all kinds of families in the River Valley.
Each season, if I can make it through the grumblers, and those who come in with a chip on their shoulders...I can enjoy those who are so thankful with clothes they can afford and a chance to make money as stay at home moms. 
Today I'm thankful. Mostly today, I'm thankful to be done...the checks are all mailed, the racks and other equipment is in storage, VIP supplies are put away, and although I've got some loose ends to tie up...I'm mostly done until January.
Bad news: This great location will not be available for us next season. Good news: Richard and I are going on a trip for our anniversary and I don't have to think about it until after we get back.



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