Thursday, September 27, 2012

Missing Ryan

The blog is getting lopsided with posts about the girls. Ryan doesn't sleep here but he sure is on our mind alot. The day before we moved into our event he was put in an ice bath after near heat exhaustion on the baseball field. When you 18 year old calls you in tears at 9pm, it's just about all you can take. My mind and emotions were already in a tailspin readying for our move in and all that entails. Richard rushed to Fayetteville and met Ryan and the baseball trainer at the ER. Ryan was dehydrated, possibly from taking some meds for mono that could have altered his body temp or possibly for catching for 3 straight hours in the bullpen with 100 degree temps. He was given a 4 day reprieve from physical activity. Richard put him in bed around 1am and then met the ROTC commanders a5 5am (Ryan's PT time) and explained the situation. They were understanding, but stoic, since Ryan hadn't revealed he had been sick at this point.
It's been two weeks now and from my point of view the scare on that Tuesday night has kept Ryan resting more than a normal freshman boy and hopefully making some good choices with food, drink, etc. He's still fighting fatigue (I say that's from walking up and down from Pomfret) and seems to be more susceptible to colds and crud. OR, this could all be because he's a slightly germ-a-phob and now lives in close quarters with so many. In fact, when he first got diagnosed with mono he huffed, "Someone must have drunk after me!"
I'm thrilled that he's visited at least 3-4 Bible Studies and guys groups, and is making the "party school" exactly what he wants. When people ask me about him I tell them, "He's having the time of his life." I'm so thankful. Really, he's grounded and knows what he wants and it won't keep him from all bad decisions, but it will help him make a lot of good ones.
This picture is from his last night in the Upper Room. He spoke on being prepared. Interesting choice of scripture with the 12 virgins...but the point being, we need to be ready at all times for the Lord. I couldn't have asked for a better message from anyone.

Missing my boy.

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Les said...

Please know you/he can call us anytime if he needs something before you can get up the hill! Happy to help.