Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CRAZY life

What would I change about my life? I don't know. It's been a crazy few weeks...starting with not getting quite enough rest after my event, then going to KS for the weekend to work, then catching up at home and having oral surgery. After a week of feeling poorly from medicines and reactions to medicines, Richard and I went away for 8 days! Wonderful, restful, precious days. Then, we returned.

Cannot get the hang of having a meal cooked everyday...it turned into October and our house is under construction. Richard was gone 5 of 6 days before we went on our trip and 4 days right after. There are electricians, plumbers, construction guys and roofers parked in our lawn.

On Wednesday morning my mom called for help and I was able to go to MH for 4 days and work at her store. It was a scary few days as one of our friends (and a daughter of one of our employees) was unconscious. Mom was headed to market. I was glad to help, but missed a few games, Parent/Teacher conferences...and I was also trying to keep Fun Fest plans moving while I was gone. Richard is at home and mentions that the electrician has broken one of our new large windows.

When I returned home Saturday night we headed to the church to get the first preparations done for our big event on Sunday. Saturday night I couldn't settle down to sleep...and then I heard a mouse at 1am! We thought that guy was gone...but Richard saw him IN OUR ROOM. Sunday morning at 5am Richard wakes up with the first pains of a kidney stone. Oh yeah. Sunday morning after teaching Sunday school, we eat a quick lunch and then head out for our last huge WM trip and Fun Fest prep. Richard must leave with pains, returns and then has to leave for the final time right before we start. The girls pitch in making pitchers of lemonade, heating the nacho cheese, moving pumpkins, tables and candy...the night is a success but we don't leave until around 8:30pm. Sounds early, but I was almost in tears my feet hurt so badly. I fell asleep pretty quickly but couldn't stay asleep.



Monday morning Erin wakes us up LOUDLY at 4:45 with a mouse sighting, no more kidney stone pain for Richard, and I must go to Conway. I plan to meet Mom for lunch (she's flying in from market) and put away the end of the Fun Fest items that are out at church all before 8:30am. I'm so tired, I can't talk straight so I decide to take a nap....with the roofers overhead. I'm asleep in 2 minutes as they scrape everything off the roof over Ryan's window, right where I'm sleeping. I was really tired. Conway trip was smooth, and made it back to town in time to take Sheridan to basketball team pictures and a game. Richard texts from on his way to Tulsa and says he's passed the kidney stone. This is good news.

Next weekend I'm $250 committed to having a booth at a holiday market in Russellville. So far in direct competition with that...I have possible jury duty on Thursday, it's Senior night on Friday night for Lauren, Sheridan's last soccer game and picnic is on Saturday, Erin has All Region clinic and concert in Alma on Saturday and Ryan has plans to come home to spend the "whole weekend" with us. Hmmm.

The good news of this morning is that I already have lunch and dinner fixed for us today and Richard got groceries while he was getting his oil changed this morning! Now I need to take Erin a sandwich for lunch and stop by the storage unit on the way home. Maybe a Route 44 drink will be good for today.

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KathyH said...

I heard from several people that it was the best Fun Fest EVER!!!!